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image CNN Reviews "The Devil's Wine" Halloween Fright
By James Argendeli

(CNN) -- Just in time for Halloween, to quote the Bard in "Macbeth," act four, scene one: "By the pricking of my thumbs, / Something wicked this way comes."

This is the October 25, 2004 article from CNN Headline News Entertainment section:

For this special Halloween edition of the Book Lizard, I'm going change up the usual review with a brief preview of some new and upcoming releases of some wicked words by some modern masters of the macabre -- try saying that out loud three times really fast!

Let's start off with something completely unexpected: a poetry anthology featuring some names with which you may be slightly familiar. "The Devil's Wine," an anthology edited by Tom Piccirilli, has nearly 200 poems from writers including Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Charles de Lint and Jack Ketchum. While the King poetry may be reprints from more than three decades ago, there's lots of original poetry in this cauldron of verse. Hauntingly illustrated throughout by the artist Caniglia, "The Devil's Wine" is available from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Also new is the opus story collection "The Machinery of Night" by Douglas Clegg is an oversized, signed edition hardcover that clocks in at more than 700 pages. Cover art by Caniglia. Just like finding a full-size chocolate bar in that Halloween bag of candy corn, this one is a trick and a treat. It includes 39 stories, some original to this edition. If Clegg's short stories are anything like his novels, this book will have readers burning the midnight oil far past the witching hour. This volume is soon to be released from Cemetery Dance Publications.

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